Best Beginner Tennis Racquets

Have you decided to train on the best athletically sport around? Whether you have been watching it on the television or you are inspired by the pros like Serena and Venus Williams, tennis is a whole body workout. It is encouraging to see new players learning the sport gradually.


So, what are theĀ best beginner tennis racquets?

1. Head Ti S6.

This is the best racquet for beginners in the market. It has friendly usability and features that will make learning easier and faster.
Features: Frame made with TI design. Titanium woven into the racquets graphite. This makes the racquet flexible and light giving you control and power.

2. Balobat Drive 115.

It is a top class product for beginners. It weighs 9 ounces providing power and stability. The size of the head is 115 inches, which reduces the chance of hitting the ball into the net. It has a cortex dampening ensuring that you do not feel vibration when you hit the ball. The sweet-spot at the center is large giving a large surface area to hit the ball and avoid mis-hits.

3. Prince Textreme Tour 100T.

This racquet is designed to give powerful control to the player. The textreme technology in this racquet makes it more effective and playable for beginners. The textreme strong material used makes it more preferred. This racquet gives you control and power to hit the ball back to the opponent. To increase on your shots, it has a 16*18 string pattern that increases your hitting power.

4. Wilson Blade BLX 104.

Wilson is superbly designed to play with and is ideal for beginners. It gives you more grip power and you are able to hit the ball with great strokes. The legendary Serena Williams’ uses it. It has 104-inch head and the handle is 27.5.

These are the best racquet for beginners on the market today. The secret is selecting the right racquet for you that will allow you to learn quickly and enjoy the sport.

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